Winds of Choice Promotion How To's

Cheer up your day with our Winds of Choice promotion!

For every purchase of an OPPO Find 7a or Find 7, you will also receive an accesories bundle that includes; 1 Easy Cover, 1 Screen Protector and 1 MicroSd Card.
And here's where it's up to you to choose...

Pick ONE of the following three accessories; iLike Headphones, iLike Power Bank or 2800 mAh Extra Battery, to add to your order for FREE.
Follow these steps to get the accessory of your choice!

  1. Select the item you would like to purchase, place it in your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Review your order, the accessories bundle should already shown
  4. Copy paste the voucher of your choice, on the Voucher Box:

  • Free iLike Bluetooth Headphones voucher > VI9FPIC5
  • Free iLike Power Bank voucher > EN6Q0B98
  • Free 2800 mAh Extra Battery > UUOXX9HN
5. Review your order once more and proceed to payment.
6. If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order 

Terms & Conditions:

  • This promotion valid from 22 September 2014 (18:55 HKT)  to 12 October 2014 (23:00 HKT)
  • Offers does not valid for order purchased before 22 September 2014 or after 12 October 2014.
  • Colors of the free accessories are all based on availability.
  • Once selected, accessories cannot be exchanged to another accessories, reimbursed or refunded.
  • OppoStyle reserves the right to cancel Winds of Choice promotion anytime without notification.